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Hi! I’m Larry Glover, the Founder of Mission Blueprint.

As a project management consultant and technology architect designing large business systems for over 30 years, I had the privilege of working with some of the largest and most well-known companies around the world. As my career progressed, I began to specialize in working with clients who had projects and programs that had already burned through millions of dollars with little or nothing to show for it.

The common theme I found with these clients is that their teams lacked a plan for moving forward and they didn’t really understand what they were actually developing. They were overwhelmed and stuck in place. In every case, I served as a guide to get them through the process of defining goals, building plans and then led them to project delivery.

In recent years I helped many online businesses do the same thing. On a smaller scale, they have the same problems as my larger clients. They had too many options, were overwhelmed not knowing what steps to take first and failed to make progress watching their business dreams die of inactivity.

From a technology architect’s point of view, I help clients look at their business from a systems perspective highlighting all the ways they create value and serve their clients. By creating a systems map, we identify their business processes and identify their critical business requirements. It’s against these requirements we then start planning their technology platform. And it often requires much less work than expected when they find they don’t need every bell and whistle available on the market.

When you align business platform to business requirements, you create profits.

Mission Blueprint is my method of helping online business owners, coaches and influencers get unstuck from overwhelm and create an actionable plan for their business platform that allows their business to thrive.

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My mission is to help coaches, influencers and authors who are stalled in making progress and
move them forward to success.