MISSION BLUEPRINT For Coaches, Authors & Influencers

Cut Through The Overwhelm and Indecision By Following a Proven Plan To Build & Scale Your Business







You’re a Coach. Or an Author. Maybe an Influencer with a following.

You know you need an online platform.

It has to host content, support clients and demonstrate your Authority.

But you’re overwhelmed.

Maybe even intimidated by all the tech.

All the experts say “do this” but they don’t say how.

And now you’re stuck trying to decide what step to take first.

And what step to take next.

So here you sit…months later. Or is it years?

Like me, you probably did the following…

Took so many courses that you’re left even more confused.

Listened to gurus pitching their products but you’re lost knowing if the products work for you.

Spent hundreds, even thousands of dollars on tools and marketing products with licenses that are all but expired.

Followed so much advice only to find out it’s outdated and unreliable.

If this story sounds familiar…

Introducing Mission Blueprint for Coaches, Authors & Influencers, a guide to help you create a clear and actionable plan for building your coaching platform and the processes needed to grow a business that thrives.

Like me, you’ve probably invested in so many online business courses over the years you could’ve paid for at least one or two additional college degrees. But even they were a better investment than a college degree focusing on last generation’s business strategy.

The problem is that even with all those courses in your library, you’re left with so many options to build your coaching business you can’t decide which path to follow or which step to take first for your own business.

You’re left with an astonishing list of technical tools and software services to buy without understanding what they do.

Well, this time things are different.

Welcome to Mission Blueprint For Coaches, Authors & Influencers!

I’m Larry Glover, the founder of Mission Blueprint and your course instructor. I’ve spent the majority of my career as a Business and Technology Consultant to many large brand organizations around the world. My focus has always been on moving clients forward by designing solutions that rapidly met their needs.

My focus is now on small businesses, and specifically Coaches, Authors & Influencers so they can build an online platform and business that quickly serves their community and improves their lives.


Mission Blueprint is an online program guiding Coaches, Authors & Influencers through the process of building an Actionable Plan for building their business. Following a 16-week timeline, students learn and understand the components and processes needed to build and support a complete business including their online platform–not just a website. 

Students will determine which components and business processes are needed in their business and then build a plan to support and serve their community. Weekly office hours provide students the opportunity for asking questions and clarifying the requirements they need to support their community.


Inside this course, you will…

…find a project planning template that will help you plan the features and functions specifically needed to support your community and your business model.

…learn what internet marketing tools and techniques are useful for your coaching business and the type of information needed to build those processes.

…discover products that can build your platform faster and determine if they will work for you.

…learn what steps to take first when building your Coaching Platform to earn early success and which to complete later when they will provide more value.

Business Goals

During the first phase of Mission Blueprint, we analyze your business goals. From this effort, you will know…

…who your customer is;

…what features your platform needs to support you community;

…the information needed to select tools and products that serve your community.

Once you know who your customers are and how to serve them, you’re ready to plan the creation of your coaching platform to support your community. After this phase, you will know…

…what features you need to have on your website to get started.

…what business processes you need to build to support your customers.


Actionable Plan

All this information may seem overwhelming at first, but now you’ll create a plan that prioritizes your efforts and shows you what steps to take and in what order to be effective. From the plan you will know…

…what step to take first.

…what step to take after that

…and what to do after that.

And then we take action by building your website and online processes.



Well, if your website is incomplete or not generating leads, it’s not providing you the benefits you need to succeed.

Mission Blueprint is dedicated specifically to Coaches, Authors and Influencers and shows you what features and functions are needed to reach and support your community.

Well, you have to start somewhere and we think this is a great starting point. Mission Blueprint assumes you’re a beginner. We start by identifying the components and processes business owners need to run a coaching business. We define them and then show how components and processes work together to serve your clients. Then you learn the tools needed to build your online platform, including your website, email list manager and automation.

Don’t worry. We explain that too in the first module. And we teach you many other terms and concepts that will help you plan your business. After this course, you will not be confused or overwhelmed by all the technical or marketing terms used by the gurus. You will know the terms you need to plan and get your business started.

If for any reason you determine that Mission Blueprint For Coaches is not for you, we will refund your course fee as long as you request it within 30 days of starting the course. We will ask no questions and wish you the best in the event this occurs.

What Will Mission Blueprint Cost Me?

With this initial rollout of Mission Blueprint targeted at Coaches, Authors and Influencers, you have an incredible opportunity to take the course at a significant discount. Normally the course will sell for $2,997.

But as founding members of the course, you have the opportunity to save 67% of the course fee and take the course for $997.

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Mission Blueprint For Coaches $997

30-Day Guarantee!

Mission Blueprint For Coaches has a 30-day, no questions asked guarantee. If you request a refund within 30 days of starting the course, you will receive a 100% refund with no questions asked.

The Decision Is Yours!

You probably know what’s standing in the way of building your coaching platform.


Do you know what step to take to finish the job?

Or are you still confused and uncertain how you will ever fulfill your dream of having a successful coaching business?

If you are still confused, join us in Mission Blueprint For Coaches, Authors & Influencers.

Take the step that shows you the next step and every step in how to build your coaching platform.

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