Follow A Proven Plan That Turns Overwhelm Into Action







    As a Coach or an Influencer, you know you need an online platform to support clients and grow your business, but you're often overwhelmed or intimidated deciding which steps to take first and which are even necessary to support your goals.

    You tried so many online tools and platforms that the experts and gurus said you needed to support and grow your business...but you're left confused with little progress to show.

    Does this sound like you?

    You took so many courses recommending so many different products that you’re left more confused than before you even took the course.

    You listened to dozens of gurus telling you they have the right answer for your online business but you see they’re only steering you to their affiliate products that grows their business.

    You downloaded what other reviews said was the last plugin you’ll ever need but now it broke your website and you can’t even get it set up.

    You spent hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on website tools and marketing products that you were told were necessary, but you secretly wonder if they provide any value at all. 

    You spent years building your online business but you’re stuck in “paralysis of analysis.”

    If this is you…

    Mission Blueprint Was Created Especially For YOU!

    Mission Blueprint guides you in building a clear and actionable plan that builds your business platform and the processes needed to grow a business that thrives.

    Like me, you’ve probably invested in so many online business courses over the years you could’ve paid for at least one or two additional college degrees.

    And if you also think like me, you agree that those online business courses were still a better investment than any college degree focusing on last generation’s business strategy.

    The problem is that even with all those courses in your library, you’re left with so many options to build your online business you can’t decide which path to follow or which step to take first for your own business.

    These courses give you a laundry list of technical tools and software services to buy that support a variety of business processes before you’ll have any success leaving you overwhelmed with options.

    Searching for just the right “tool” so it won’t be a waste of money turns out to be the last step you take before giving up and focusing on your next great business idea…where you end up following the same process with the same results.

    Well, this time things are different. Welcome to Mission Blueprint!


    Mission Blueprint is an online program guiding Online Influencers, Authorities and Coaches through the process of building an Actionable Plan for building their business. Mission Blueprint follows an 8-week timeline to build momentum as a group but it can also be completed at a self-pace. Personal coaching can be added to the program for an additional fee.

    Business Goals

    During the first phase of Mission Blueprint, we analyze your business goals. From this effort, you will know…

    …who your customer is;

    …where they go on the internet for information or to shop;

    …how much you need to earn each month;

    …and how you need to plan your business activities and efforts to meet those earnings goals.

    Once we know your Business Goals, we move on to analyze how you serve your clients. From this exercise, you will know…

    …how you serve your clients and provide value;

    …how to provide the same level of service across your clients;

    …where your effort-intensive activities are so you can plan your work life;

    …and when you need to put forth that extra effort to help your clients understand how to move forward.

    Business Methodology

    Sales Funnel

    After understanding how you serve clients, we determine where you find clients and attract them and turn them from Prospects to Customers. After this effort, you will know…

    …how you will attract customers to your Brand or Website.

    …how to demonstrate your authority with Lead Magnets and content.

    …how to approach customers and nurture them from prospects to converted customers.

    …how to set them up to become buyers of your product or service.

    Once you know who your customers are and how to serve them, you’re ready to build the technical platform to support your business. After this phase, you will know…

    …what features you need to have on your website to get started.

    …what business processes you need to build to support your customers.


    Actionable Plan

    All this information may seem overwhelming at first, but now you’ll create a plan that prioritizes your efforts and shows you what steps to take and in what order to be effective. From the plan you will know…

    …what step to take first.

    …what step to take after that

    …and after that

    …and after that.